Friday, January 18, 2008


I am marking this day in history, because I... have made Powerline.

w00t! fr00t!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Back in the saddle

Heeeeyyyy kiiiiids! It's Binky the-oh wait, it's just Pooky's Girl. Now New and Improved as Pooky's Wife! I still like Girl, though. It seems more possessive.

Greetings from our new home in Texas, where the state motto should be: "We're just the bigger version of Iowa!"

Alright, for the sake of clarity and possible conflicts of interest later on, I am now going to give a run-down of my opinions (and a few links) on Republican candidates, starting from the least to the greatest:

Ron Paul: Yes, I'm probably going to get comments for the first time in my Blogger life for saying this, but you, sir, are a kook. Or at the very least, a Libertarian who does not belong in the Republican party. Powerline linked to this article a few days ago, and Dafyyd ab Hugh picked it apart, but the bottom line is that when a prominent KKK member endorses you as a candidate (and mind you, I'm deep in Klan territory as I write this), I do not consider you to be a viable GOP candidate. Go form your own little party and stop trying to corrupt mine. (Cringes for the Ronulan onslaught.)

Mike Huckabee: Liberal in red sheep's clothing. I despise a person who not only uses his religious identity (and, in this case, former occupation) to try and get votes (same goes for you, Paul!), but also hides behind his religion to duck substantive questions. There's a reason people are beginning to evoke another person from Arkansas when speaking of him. Do we really want that? I highly doubt it.

John McCain: I am fully aware that he is a war hero, and I praise him for that. I respect a man who suffered and nearly died for his country, all the while keeping his loyalty. But that doesn't give him a free pass to constantly betray his conservative principles and the Constitution (Gang of Fourteen, McCain-Feingold, the amnesty bill.... just read this link, please, before I get upset). Yes, I'd vote for him as the GOP candidate, but you're going to have to drag me kicking and screaming to the voting booth and promise me vodka afterwards.

Mitt Romney: I'll get this unsubstantive attack out of the way right now: I don't know if I can vote for a person who doesn't have a real first name. That being said, Romney really is a good guy. I know he always hasn't been conservative, but his speech on Mormon faith was awe-inspiring. I'm fully willing to admit that fact, even though I have literal Bible-thumpers in my family. (Seriously, never give my nephews heavy objects!) He'd be my second choice.

The real winner of my rock-ribs of conservatism is:

Fred Thompson: I'm going to quote my other conservative grandpa on this one: "Wellllll.... Good ol' Ronald Reagan... He was an actor. And Fred, there, he's an actor. Wellll.... I've seen him more on 'Law and Order' since he announced, but I'd still vote for 'im." (I love both my grandpas!) I respect a man who sticks by his conservative guns, and has class, but you know what I love most about Fred Thompson? He scares the Drive-By/Poll-It Bureau to death, and he would scare Al-Qeada if he were president. That, and when he gets going, he looks more presidential than the rest of the bunch put together. I can't wait for South Carolina. I really think he's starting to hit a chord with people who are fed up with liberals trying to act like conservatives.

As for the other side.... No blogging for you! And I'm a woman, so I can't be illegal in any fashion! (Ha ha, I couldn't resist my new favorite punchline!) Who needs 'em-they're embroiled in their own "Uncivil War" (1, 2) anyway!