Monday, March 16, 2009

Picture time, Kiwi style

Ok, Kiwi, the 4th picture in the 4th folder was of Pooky and myself, so I couldn't do that. I chose the next one, which was this:

This one's a little difficult to explain. When we lived at Goodfellow AFB, our hotel was next to the clinic, which was next to an open area of a pond and scrub grass. When they built the base, they unknowingly enclosed in a few herds of deer, which will randomly wander around base and get hit by cars. I was walking to the hotel after dropping Pooky off and saw them by the parking lot, so I attempted a picture. This is one of the better ones out of several. The deer down here aren't that big, but he's in the middle of the picture. Look for four skinny little legs. I think he was nibbling on that bush and I startled him.

And now, for a super-cute picture of Mykle and Savannah (she's pretty worn out from her baptism):

I'd post more updates about my life in general, but I'm still fairly groggy, so you get a nephew and niece picture instead.