Thursday, January 29, 2009

Spring is Coming!

Yes, I realize it's 35 degrees as I write this, and it's going to be in the upper 60s today, but our temperatures are stabilizing as spring is coming! My goal this year is to do something with the patch of dirt that's supposed to be a lawn. Anyone got any tips on what to do when half your lawn is covered in acorns? I'm absolutely positive that the tree we have next to our house is the biggest tree in Texas, and also leads the way in dropping acorns year-round. Some things were just never meant to be transplanted...

I imagine that this blog will become my main ranting source in the next four years, mainly because my husband is in the military and does not appreciate me undermining his commander-in-chief. I appreciate his efforts to stay neutral, even as he disagrees strongly with a lot of Obama's policies so far. He agrees with me, though, that a lot of what Obama has done so far is to give concessions to the Left while trying to reconcile those positions with the sharp dose of reality that comes with taking the highest office in the land.

Take closing Gitmo, for example. Obama says he'll close it within one year, but left the loophole that CIA black sites can hold prisoners temporarily. Gitmo is one of the main sites that we use for housing detainees temporarily. I'm guessing the CIA review panel that Obama just created will find a new home for these detainees that will essentially be black sites with new names. The CIA has its political side that has to look pretty for the cameras, but the last thing they want is another giant black hole on their record like 9/11. Also, the military now considers terrorists "unlawful combatants," which means under the Geneva Convention, they can shoot first and ask questions later.

Also, Obama's political capital just took a huge hit with the passing of the $1.1 trillion "stimulus," which 177 House Republicans and 11 Democrats opposed. Despite all the cajoling, wining and dining Obama did with the House Republicans, and for all of his "bipartisanship," they listened to the constituents melting their phone lines and emphatically rejected him. Message to Democrats and, ultimately, Obama: You own this. When it's proven that this pork-laden bill did nothing for the economy, all eyes will be on you. You can say you tried to save the economy in your re-election, but this was not the way to do it. Kudos to Republicans for coming up with an alternative bill!

On a lighter note, I'm learning how difficult it is to keep up on blogs when BloggerCat decides he wants to go to the end of the page by hitting the space bar with his paw. Silly cat reads faster than I do...


  1. Ah, spring! I love Spring. Today was in the 60s, and while I know warm weather won't last, I'm luvin' it while it's here!

    Oh, C'mon, you're not THAT old! I like DC Talk, too. Yeah, I'm not Tobymac's biggest fan, either, but it was free. And I like concerts. And The Afters and Newsong were there!

    And Spring-like is why I chose the layout. I don't care how cold out it is, my blog will always live in Spring and summer!


  2. Lucky! (about holding baby cousins) I can't wait to see them in June. Will you be at the family reunion?
    No, you don't have to comment on Every post unless you want to. That was mainly directed at my friend whom I haven't heard from for ages.
    And yes, Spring is on it's way! Can you believe it's almost March already?? Only...26 more days till Official Spring.
    ~Kiwi da Fruit

  3. SPRING!! It's well on its way here! Today is in the mid-fifties, with slightly higher temps tomorrow. :D

    The story I was forced to read was "The Great Stone Face" by Nathaniel Hawthorne, and would not have been so bad if it was shorter and he didn't name the people with symbolic names. "Gathergold" for the rich dude, "Ernest" for the main charecter...who just so happens to be...earnest. And then I had all these questions t answer about "what did THIS represent?" or "What did he think HERE?" and horrible stuff.
    Then again, I really wanted to be outside and as far away from books, writing, words, and school as possible. Sunny days always come when you have to stay inside. >:(

    Maybe you should get an army of squirrels to clean up the yard? :D