Thursday, November 5, 2009

Coming In From The Wilderness

Hey, thanks, Kiwi! Very first blog award. Quite sure I don't deserve it, being that I never update.
Well, hey, look at that! An update....

No, I won't leave you like that. ;) What has been going on besides the Yankees buying the World Series? (Rarr rar rar rarrrrr) Three thoughts on that: The Dodgers were on a skid right before the NLCS. The Phightin' Phils put up a good phight. And the Yankees have basically told baseball players worldwide that steroids are, indeed, okay to take. Seriously, how is it fair that Manny gets yanked for fifty games while A-Roid and Jeter are touted as the pinnacles of success? We need some serious soul-searching in the MLB.

But, enough about those losers. On to the winners! Tuesday night, the GOP wons the gubernatorial races in Virginia and, shockingly, New Joisey. The voters in New York sent a message to the party leaders: RINO hunting season has officially started. The DIABLO candidate (Dafyyd ab Hugh's term for Democrats In All But Label Only) also undermined RINOs across the country by endorsing the Democrat, who, sadly, ran on a more conservative platform than she did.

I was going to post pictures of my new hobbies, but a) those are for Christmas presents and b) Bel chewed through my camera cord. While it was attached to the computer. Shorting out my USB ports, briefly. Sigh.....

Pooky is considering a few jobs in exciting places, which his wife is thoroughly encouraging. Military life can get quite interesting sometimes.

Just for future reference, the only Jane Austen novel I have not read is Mansfield Park. (Yes, I know I'm supposed to underline that, but Blogger won't let me.)

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  1. Thanks. :) Of course I know what an Oliphaunt is! (by the way, you misspelled it) I've 'only' read the books and watched the movies twice!
    Ditto on Casting Crowns. Although I do like their new songs....once or twice through.
    And, dear cousin, I've been taller than you for several years now...;)