Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Award? Award!

Unfortunately, Kiwi, you're really the only person who knows about my blog, so I'm able to comply with just half of the rules.

Thank you, Kiwi, for this Beautiful Blogger Award! And thank you, all the little people who.... Oh, wait a minute. Someone get me some little people!

Seven interesting facts about me:
1. I don't do well with these sort of lists, either.
2. Contrary to popular belief, I like both cats and dogs.
3. I make wire jewelry, when Michael's has what I need in stock.
4. I also make books! (Hmm... Pictures needed.)
5. I love living on an Air Force Base.
6. I am not a morning person, thanks to insomnia and an overactive imagination.
7. I am a gamer at heart, even though I'm not very good at it. Probably that overactive imagination kicking in...

Once again, thank you Kiwi! I was glad I was able to do a light-hearted post. My next one won't be so fun. :(

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