Tuesday, October 19, 2010


What did your father tell you when the kids taunted you at school for flubbing that swing? What did your mother tell you when your sister kept trying to poke you in the backseat? What did your parents mutter to each other when you all got really annoying? We all know the answer (or we should, if our parents were half decent). "IGNORE THEM!" "Don't give them attention, it's just what they want!" "Break her finger!" Oh, wait, that last one was from my brothers. Once in awhile, they had good advice.

Ignoring negativity is a lesson we all tried to learn. Some of us were better at it than others. But we all know, deep down, that giving positive attention to any behavior reinforces it. And, in some cases, giving any attention to the offending party is not a good idea.

So why does the right wing of the blogosphere have a stroke whenever Meghan McCain opens her mouth? Don't they know that giving her attention is all that she wants? Perhaps, but then again, it's the right wing of the blogosphere, where the truth is paramount. Meghan McCain is a favorite target for the right wing not only because they want to correct her ignorance, but because we don't want her. She tried to be one of us, and failed miserably. So what does she have besides a chip on her shoulder that she can market? All she wants, like our cat Bel, is attention. Bel couldn't care less if you're calling her the dumbest cat ever as long as you're paying the slightest bit of attention to her.

Meggie Mac relishes the "feuds" she starts, cashing in on them whenever she can. Notice how she never picks fights with establishment Republicans. Also, notice the gender of who she attacks. She seems to know that the media will really eat up a fight between the daughter of the last losing presidential candidate and the female part of his base. It's the only trick up her sleeve, and she's playing it for all she's worth. I hope she saves the money she's getting from her poor book sales, because the media's support of her is going to last only as long as they can use her to get attention. Sooner or later, like her father, Meggie Mac is going to find out that the media are perfectly willing to shove people that they've previously supported completely under the bus. When that happens, I hope, with all sincerity, that she learns from it. I doubt that will happen, given how much her parents prop her up, but hey! We're in the age of the Obamessiah!

So, what should we do with Meggie Mac? We really should ignore her, but she is just plain wrong. If nothing else, we need to point out that she's not actually 26 years old. On Saturday, she will be, but as of this Sunday, after some idiot decided to book her on ABC's "This Week," she was only 25. I wouldn't even mention it, but the quote that made the biggest impact started out, "I speak as a 26-year-old woman..." so I was duty-bound to point that out. If conservatives hold the line and only correct Meggie Mac's mistakes, eventually the media will not be able to tie the albatross of Meggie Mac around our necks.

This is relevant, I swear!

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