Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hypocrisy: It Ain't Just For Hippos

I hate feminists.

I'm starting out with that as a disclaimer because I just want everyone to know where I stand with this group. Yes, I'm a traitor to my gender, I have no empathy, I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for them, blah blah blah. Except those things are all lies. I have never believed that women were the exact same as men, so how is it traitorous to embrace the difference and live my life as a woman created differently than a man? I have plenty of empathy for the women who were sold on the false hope that they could be just like men. And as a happy housewife, how am I beholden to feminists for my position when women have been doing this for thousands of years?

Feminists have ruined the lives of men and women alike. (See? Equality at last!) Women and men find themselves alienated from each other. Men are painted with a broad, villainous brush while women find that being empowered to do anything they want isn't all that empowering. The family structure of this country is crumbling, and feminism is rooting for failure.

Feminists certainly have done a lot of damage. But they're never called to account for it. Any time their lies and hypocrisy are exposed, they scream about oppression and their supporters flock to them. Everyone else just shakes their head and gives in to the screaming, thereby ensuring the cycle will repeat itself.

Well, I've had it. It's time for women to stand up for being who we want to be and not who the feminists have forced us to be. When a woman does not worship at the shrine of feminism and embraces the role God gave her (whatever that may be), she is called a traitor and either ignored or screeched at.

Take Laura Bush, for example. She wanted to help the women of Afghanistan get back to the lives they had before the Taliban took over. So she pushed for literacy in a country that both the women and the men would benefit from the effort. But the feminists couldn't stand that she wasn't pushing for abortion as well, so they buried her efforts and continued to demonize her. Her husband helped curb AIDS in Africa, saving millions of women's lives, yet he did it in a non-feminist fashion so it, too, was ignored.

History will most likely view the Bushes more kindly than the feminists, so all their ear-covering will have been in vain. But the reason I'm writing this post cannot be ignored. It has worldwide implications and is another nail in the feminists' coffin. I want to ask you a question, feminists.

What about the woman who accused Julian Assange of rape?

For years, feminists have told us that no woman ever lies about rape and that every accusation should be taken seriously. Men are predators at heart, we're told, and their victims need to be protected by secrecy laws. And men who rape women (or are accused of it) deserve the harshest treatment possible.

Yet feminists have been silent about the trampling of their closest-held beliefs because of Assange's beliefs. There has been no outcry from them as his victim has been named, her past writings dragged out into the open (apparently she's a die-hard feminist!), and liberals have dismissed the charge as false. Feminists are perfectly willing to sacrifice their own on the altar of liberalism.

As for me, I think Assange aided and abetted a traitor to America. However, I don't care what his beliefs are when a district attorney in Sweden charges him with rape. He should stand trial and is innocent until proven guilty. That is an American belief, to be sure, but I'm ashamed that feminists don't seem to hold it. In fact, feminism is in a sorry state in general, and women need to take it out to the trash. I'm sure men will be all too happy to drag that trash can to the curb!


  1. You might want to alter that spelling to make it the "altar of liberalism"