Sunday, September 2, 2007


This is my first foray into genuine public life. I live in Iowa, which is currently in its quadrennial hotbed of political speculation. I do not wish to demean Iowa's beautiful rivers and streams, the vast expanses of fields on the beds of former marshes, or the carefully preserved historic sites (if one has any bit of historic sense, one should visit the Herbert Hoover Presidential Museum, as I had the fortune to yesterday and will expound upon). However, I am a political junkie, and as you can see from the blog's description, I come by it rightly.

So, when I come to visit my beloved grandfather, we do not talk about the corn crop, the gorgeous weather (despite the floods, drought, and floods we had this summer-you've got to love Iowa!), his failing back, or the library about to be rebuilt, even though that is foremost on my grandmother's mind. No, we discuss conservatism, and who's going to win the nominations. Rarely do we agree completely on forecasts, but we both cherish our conservative principles.

Contrary to popular belief, conservatives believe in more than "read my lips-no new taxes." And they believe in more than the vague "family values" that most politicians tout when they come strolling into our town halls and family restaurants. And, above all, they do not hate women, though they despise feminazis.

This, to me, is what a conservative is: just that, one who conserves. We're not talking about holding onto tradition for tradition's sake, but rather conserving it for future generations because, unlike progressives/free-thinkers/open-minders/ what-do-I-feel-like-throwing-a-tantrum-over-this-week-liberals, we believe in something. And we readily agree that the Constitution (not a living, breathing, walking, putty-like document) and the Declaration of Independence best espouse our beliefs, as well as traditional Judeo-Christian values (which, I'll have you note, have stood the test of time for thousands of years).

Of course, there are wayward sheep of the GOP variety. Of course, these numbskulls, having told the voters every 2/4/6 years that they are tried-and-true conservatives, are touted by the press as those who have finally come to their senses and embraced the moderate (read: liberal) way.

In that case, I'll never be praised by the MSM. Or my fiance, either, him being of the fence-riding variety, although he just came over and proudly told me he nuked a cow in Civ 3. I'd rather be a "right-wing nutcase" than fawned over McCain-style.

So, here we are. Please do not expect me to gravitate toward the tempting glare of being hallowed and cherished by "mainstream" media (and I give you full permission to slap me if I do). Rather, I enjoy political debate as long as it doesn't descend into howling about one another's personal life.

This will be foremost a "link blog," where I link to really good stuff I've found on the Web. I'll pontificate, sure, but I hope never as long as this one-yikes! Brevity is the soul of wit, and.... I'm witless!

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