Friday, July 18, 2008

What?! I'm still alive?!

Yeah, yeah, yeah..... You try living in a base hotel for six months, moving to a new base, having your hubby not check his voicemail in a timely fashion and therefore totally throw off the timeframe in which TMO delivers the rest of your stuff. Note to anti-socialites: Yes, I know you don't know the number, and it might be a wrong one, but it might be important, ok?

First up, to lighten up the day, we have a rare glimpse into the artistry behind MegaTokyo. Fredrin does just one character, but it's fascinating (albeit a bit long). Ping is a robot, but Fred does a great job of exploring just how human her feelings can be. Kimiko's my favorite, but my husband insists I'm like Miho. Since legions of fans adore Miho, I guess I'll take that as a compliment.

Global Warming might be a hoax? Say it ain't so! I figured the scientific backlash would be coming, but not this soon. Powerline briefly covers it here, HotAir here, and the disagreeable paper is here.

Three stories highlight the woe that has befallen us due to the gun-grabbing culture: Chicago is now a war zone, bureaucrats don't know how to write well-informed policies, and even suburban Midwest theme parks aren't safe anymore.

Good news! Our enemies are more crazed than smart. And, unsurprisingly, befriending Israel pays off. Note the part where all hell might break loose. This could have more ramifications than the usual pooh-poohing of assassination attempts from the Left.

Barack Obama has finally earned my husband's ire by vowing to disarm the U.S. of its nuclear weapons. "We could cut back all the way to 10% and still blow the world up, but (string of swear words indicating Obama's an idjit)!"

Could the media get any more idiotic when it comes to basic (and I mean basic) economics? The steep drop in oil prices could not be because Bush lifted the ban on offshore drilling or because the Feds opened up 4 million acres of drilling in Alaska. No, it's because the average American, believing what our dear media says about the economy, has cut back on his oil use. Never mind those Chinese and Indians who are going through oil like candy...

Ending on a good note, a story about how the Alamo might have gone differently. I'd love to see Purple Hearts handed out for this one.

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