Sunday, October 5, 2008

Kiwifruit, You Inspired Me. Shame On You!

My cousin has a fantastic blog that she updates more often than I do (so does the rest of the interwebs!), so I decided it's time for an update. Plus, I need something to keep me busy while Pooky's gone.
Yes, Pooky is on a 2-3 week TDY (errr...... not sure what the exact meaning is, but it's the military version of a business trip) to Offut then possibly Eielson. He's very excited for this, since it means more good things to list on his performance review, which means that he may get promoted early with all the great things he's got on there. Exciting for the husband, not so much for the wife. Wife had to come home to a power outage and figure what she's going to do with herself for all the time Pooky's gone. No ABUs to wash, no Magic cards to trip over, no books to constantly put away.... I'm sure I'll find something to obsess over.
Besides the election, of course. I'm a political junkie of the highest order, but even I'm worn out. I think it's the long election season and instantaneousness of it all that's really worn me out. Oh, and the fact that Fred's not running. That sort of put a damper on things. But when you honestly have to check every few hours how a certain speech or soundbite has resonated within the political sphere, it gets to be tiring. I took a "vacation from politics" in June (not that I had reliable access to the internet anyway), and I might need one again right after November 4.

Kiwifruit's blog reminded me of something. The Blue Angels and the F-22s are coming here in November. We saw the Thunderbirds (this is the last year they'll be F-16s) in March:

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  1. Hewwo, big cuzzin! It was really cool finding your comment on my blog! Did you find me through our mutual Aunt Brenda? Or is Kiwi so much that you immidiately thought "Oh! that's my cousin"?
    Sister "Rapunzel" wishes to say 'hi' and 'what do you think of Sarah Palin so far? I can take or leave McCain but I think I like his VP.'