Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Are You Ready For The NLCS?!!

I am. And to prove it, I'll even post a negative campaign ad against my beloved Dodgers. It gets the Phillie slams in, but its real comedy lays in the fact that you could confuse it for a real ad. Don't let it confuse you, though-this is our year (apologies to 90% of my family, naturally, but you need to pick winning teams for once!). Lowe's pitching tomorrow night, and I'll actually be able to watch the whole thing without worrying about sending Pooky off to bed. Maybe him being gone in October isn't such a bad thing after all....

They're still making noises about keeping him an extra week, but of course his career field never plays by the rules, so we probably won't know until that first date arrives. There are days that being a maverick isn't quite what it's made out to be.

In the exciting domestic front today, I decided whoever designed our commissary had never done a demographic study of the customers. Three-quarters of the people I see at all hours of the day in the commissary are retired people doing their bimonthly shopping, often pushing more than one cart down narrow and obstructed aisles. Perhaps my taxpayer dollars were being saved by not doing a study, but all they had to do was look around. It's probably the same people who designed the death-zone of a parking lot in front of the store. Geniuses!

Okay, I should be concerned about Wall Street and its trickle-down effect and the bailout and the subprime crisis and.... But I've given up. If I called my Senator, well, he'd know my parents, but that's besides the point. What's done is done, and I'm not happy with it, but my spending habits won't change, our house is guaranteed until we move to another guaranteed house on another base, and gas prices are dropping like flies down here. So, Suzy Q. Citizen is just going to quietly accept her husband's annual raise and keep plugging away at that silly novel she's been working on for years. No light at the end of the tunnel on that one, but it keeps me busy.

As I've said before, the political game has become instantaneous, and there are new angles to old issues coming out every day. The Ayers issue that Hillary brought up this spring now has a new twist to it: An intended victim of one of Ayers' bombs was about the same age as Obama when his family was targeted, and the McCain campaign is making sure his story is told. Put aside your feelings about the crazy 60s and the botched Weatherman investigation for a moment, and chew on the two outcomes of that bombing. One boy escapes with his life, and another later joins the bomber as a comrade-in-arms. I use that term deliberately, because it has come to my attention from Powerline, HotAir, Ace, and RedSate that, according to their reports, Obama solicited and received endorsement by a third party which had its roots in the Democratic Socialists Party. This is not youthful indescretion, as Obama was 35 at the time. Real journalism, as evidenced by these bloggers, is what we have been lacking for most of the campaign. I think in the next few weeks, as the media does its best to slime McCain with all sorts of lies, a lot of people will wonder, for the first time, who is Barack Obama? McCain is right to be pushing that theme, because as more facts come out (I know, liberals aren't concerned with facts, but they're not who we're trying to sway), more people will be astounded at the wolf in sheep's clothing the left has tried to shove through the electoral gate. Rush had an excellent quote yesterday and today: "Obama and bin Laden have one thing in common: They both have friends who tried to blow up the Pentagon."

Sorry for the vent-like post, but there is a lot of stuff going on in these last few weeks before the election that I feel I need to get out there. Granted, as I said last night, my vote's in the mail, but I'm an addict. ;)

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