Monday, October 6, 2008

In Which Wife Keeps Busy

It rained briefly this morning. We haven't been touched by water falling from the sky for weeks, including Ike. Boy, what a anticlimactic dud that turned out to be. The evacuees affected us more than the actual hurricane. We gave them shelter on the base, and it was fortunate that the whole mess happened over the weekend so that the private companies on the Kelly side could house them in their hangars. Oh, by the way, if you ever want to see an oil prince's 737 being pimped out, let me know and I'll hook you up. Don't tell me that those guys don't live like kings!
Exciting militant suburban happenings: The neighborhood newsletter was politely delivered and the Lackland ISD representative appeared at my door again to ask if I could put my driver's license and phone number on the check I gave her. That cookie dough had better be earth-shatteringly delicious.
Pooky's been calling off and on all day. I found him a nearby Magic store online and directed him to it after he got done with initial training. He's starting work tomorrow, and still no one can tell him if he's going to Eielson in less than two weeks. Note to managerial people who actually take vacations: Please don't take them when there are very important annual things going on at work. It'll make everyone and their wives a lot happier. But at least Pooky's DoD travel card is working fine.
Politics? Oy. This cheered me up today. It's good to see someone finally put the moonbats in their place with civility. The debate tomorrow night sort of snuck up on me, because even the hardened junkie can't find a nice, easy-to-find schedule blaring: "THIS IS WHEN THE DEBATES ARE AND WHO WILL BE MODERATING THEM." I hate it when news outlets assume everyone's on the same page, like how they assume everyone will blame a Republican Congress for the financial mess when..... Democrats control Congress. Brilliant!
Well, the cell phone's done recharging and I need to get to bed, so off I scoot.

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